CFP: Cold War at the Crossroads: 194X-198X. Architecture and planning between politics and ideology (Milan, 13-14 June 2017)

International seminar organised by the Politecnico di Milano, Department of Architecture and Urban Studies


A decade ago, the international exhibit Cold War Modern: Design 1945-1975 (London 2007) attempted possibly for the first time a wide assessment of the impact that the Cold War had on design culture, opening up new paths of inquiry for architectural historians. Since then, a multitude of studies have contributed to enriching the historiography of the Cold War, engaging new fields and addressing the topic through a plurality of disciplinary perspectives.

The seminar intends to remap/revisit the Cold War and its projections by focusing on its interferences with design culture at different scales. The aim is to reframe accounts and to question established chronologies, individuating decisive moments that marked the interpretation and the perception of the Cold War. Taking into consideration a wide geographic frame, the seminar will encourage transnational perspectives that investigate the mechanisms, places and vehicles of the transfer. One of the goals will be to map actors, organizations, programs, networks and alliances.

Of particular interest are papers addressing: the new role played by technology; the cultural and ideological transfer (propaganda and soft power); historiography over time; competing notions of habitat and their geographical spread; divergent forms of planning.


Abstracts in English with a maximum 300 words – accompanied by a one-page CV including name, contact information, affiliation and a list of selected publications – should be sent by March 10th to

Notification of acceptance will be sent to authors by March 20th.


More information about the event is available on their website.


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